Psychometrics for Selection/Development

At OTL we recognize your vacancy and organization are unique. Selection mistakes are expensive, but all too often psychometric assessment can fail to deliver what is claimed for it. More often than not they leave one question unanswered: ‘So What’?

We provide a bespoke service. We carefully prepare reports to reflect key job demands, based on your job description, person specification and any other briefing information you provide us with. We pride ourselves on our clear language. OTL books and book sales are testament to our ability to write clearly about complex psychological issues. We also always ensure interpretation of personality and ability data is legally defensible.

Reports are produced by Chartered Psychologists who breathe life into psychometric data and address the questions you need answering. Our ability to do precisely this means we have had clients who have been with us for over twenty years. Reports include suggested interview questions. And candidates will get a report with an opportunity to discuss the content if they wish. In fact, in 2015, one unsuccessful candidate for a Director role in Parliament was so struck by his OTL feedback report that he insisted his organization, a government agency, use OTL straight away.

The internet means we normally administer materials remotely. We have recently, for instance, undertaken all the graduate assessment on both ability and personality for a Caribbean petroleum company. However we can administer materials on-site if this is preferred.

For maximum value we advise having reports prepared before an interview as we write reports which encourage clients to explore the way a candidate has described him or herself, in the context of the role. So we provide you with the tailored questions that we as psychologists would want to ask, given the way the candidate has described him or herself and the job demands.

If you would like to explore this option and see sample reports please contact us.