Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Driving businesses to succeed

Enabling success with psychological insights

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Enabling success with psychological insights

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OTL for almost thirty years OTL has delivered its assessment services to decision-makers in both the public and private sectors. Whatever sector and level we are operating in our approach has been consistent. We do not use pre-packaged solutions.


In selection and development work we have developed a reputation for writing clear jargon free reports which address the central concerns of decision-makers. We write reports which reflect the job demands and the culture of the business. We make clear where more reassurance is required at interview. The success of our approach is evidenced by many of our clients having been with us from our inception.

We have for example assisted in the selection of the last three Chief Executives at Brighton and Hove over a twenty year period. And we were invited in 2015 to assist in a major restructuring in a London Borough and a large government agency.

We can deliver assessments remotely (for example we recently assessed the graduate cohort for a Caribbean power generator),or we can deliver assessments on your or third-party premises.
Our assessment services range from providing reports based solely on remote delivery of psychometric data through to full assessment centre reports where evidence from interactive and paper-based simulations is incorporated.

Some on-site processes include a depth interview with a psychologist. However, if this is not included in the process the report we provide includes questions for interviewers where the psychologist believes provide more evidence and reassurance is necessary. Our clients find this particularly helpful.

We can and do tailor our reports, for example in selection, producing summary reports for long lists and fuller reports for shortlisted candidates.

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What People Say

One final point worth noting is Peter's style. Peter does not come across as a 'Psychologist' but as a person - this may sound a little trite, but in the sensitive and sometimes upsetting scenario of being assessed, we found our Managers responded well ...

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Case Studies

When assessing individuals, much of the data derived from application forms, interviews, psychometrics, and assessment centre exercises addresses two key questions – what the candidate can do, and what he/she will do. But they offer little direct evidence of whether the candidate will fit with the culture of the organisation... Read More