Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

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Enabling success with psychological insights

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Enabling success with psychological insights

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Online testing

In the mid-nineties OTL responded to requests from clients to provide robust psychometrically valid volume testing by creating another company, Tests-Direct


Since then we have developed a number of tests for sales and customer service: Credo and Aviator.

Credo (Cattell’s Revised and Expanded Dimensions for Organization), deals with the problems and difficulties created by the most recent revision of the Cattell questionnaire. It takes the rigour and richness of the model, first published in 1947, but brings it into this century. It makes the model more work facing, with for example, additional scales which measure ‘burnout’ and ‘narcissism’. It sharpens up the meaning of scales by breaking up scales where there was the most ambiguity into clearer dimensions.

Credo is supported by a superb expert system. This is capable of interpreting patterns of scores. So reports emulate a good psychologist in interpreting combinations of scored. The reports reflect the modern understanding of personality data by encouraging exploration of the results.

The available reports include:

The administrator report.
This is written for selection contexts and as well as a full narrative report includes questions for interviewers.

The participant report
This is written for development purposes and as well as a full narrative report includes self prompt questions, which can be used with a coach or mentor or can be used by the participant.

The practitioner report
This report is for those who want to write their own reports. It contains scores and an executive summary.

Aviator was commisioned by pilot training college. It is designed to aid pilot selection by using Credo’s personality scales. In 2015 it was used by a well known national carrier for cadet selection. And similarly in 2015 OTL used it to assist in the selection of trainee pilots for a national air force. It was the basis for the ‘psychologist interview’.

Tests-Direct also produced Who Cares for the Care Sector. For fifteen years this has been validated and revalidated and provided a very cost effective way of reducing the churn rate in support staff. Check out the Tests-Direct offer at www.tests-direct.com. For enquiries about product, annual licenses and embedding Tests-Direct product on your website telephone us at the OTL Worthing Office.

What People Say

One final point worth noting is Peter's style. Peter does not come across as a 'Psychologist' but as a person - this may sound a little trite, but in the sensitive and sometimes upsetting scenario of being assessed, we found our Managers responded well ...

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Case Studies

When assessing individuals, much of the data derived from application forms, interviews, psychometrics, and assessment centre exercises addresses two key questions – what the candidate can do, and what he/she will do. But they offer little direct evidence of whether the candidate will fit with the culture of the organisation... Read More