British Psychological Society Psychometric Training (in-house or public programme)

Duration : Two days plus pre-work (Level A), three days plus pre-work plus four hours plus coursework (Level B).

Since 1988 OTL has been delivering psychometric training both through our public course programme and in-house. Our success has been based on providing delegates with a balanced mix of on-line pre-course work and practical, focussed workshop training.

We were the first to put psychometric training on-line. Our e-learning programme is both interactive and diagnostic. If you make a mistake on the work book, our e-learning programme will return you to the section of the e-book which will help your understanding of why you may have answered wrongly.

Level A
The pre-course learning is coupled with a two day workshop for the ability testing modules. This brings the on-line learning to life with practical case studies. Skills acquired during the pre-course work are applied to simulations in a way which ensures you leave with an understanding of how to:

  • choose ability tests
  • administer them effectively
  • feedback on test results to organizations and candidates

Level B
The practical element of the personality course is based on the Cattell family of tests. This includes the most up-to date member of this family CREDO (Cattell’s Revised and Expanded Dimensions for Organizations). This version provides the support of a genuinely expert system which interprets complex patterns of scores rather than reporting on single scores. This means reports read like they have been written by a psychologist, rather than by a robot.

Cattell’s model is powerful and extremely rich psychologically. As a result it is complex. We get delegates quickly up the learning curve using our unique and innovative ‘high probability inference approach’. We are happy to provide support and advice following the course. This is a service our clients appreciate a great deal. We do not charge for this service. For three or more delegates it is more cost-effective to have an in-house course.

Course dates

Stop press January 2016

We have just added dates for Level A and Level B as well as Credo-specific training in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Check out the course dates for 2016.

Stop press November 2015

Our course has just been successfully re-verified by the British Psychological Society and now provides access to Credo in addition to older variants of the Cattell model. The course is now a dual qualification course.

To discuss your requirements whether in house or for our Central London based public programme telephone 44 (0)1903 214455.