Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Driving businesses to succeed

Enabling success with psychological insights

Adding value to people

Enabling success with psychological insights

Achieving the best

The case studies here provide some insight into the range of work we have undertaken recently. They will give you a better sense of how we could help your organization recruit and develop the right talent, or reconfigure to meet new challenges. The bulk of our day-to-day work comes from repeat business with long-standing clients. These are normally vacancies where we supply pre-interview reports . Even with the day-to-day work is no ‘typical job’. We undertook the assessments for the Head of a national space agency, and the Director of Strategy for the European Space Agency. So we have even worked in the ‘space space’, and it was ‘rocket science. In contrast in late 2015 we undertook the assessment for the Vice President of a multi-national Children’s Charity as well as assessments for a director role for the Houses of Parliament.


These case studies represent some of the broader, bigger projects we have undertaken in both the public and private sectors.

Public sector case studies

Private sector case studies

What People Say

One final point worth noting is Peter's style. Peter does not come across as a 'Psychologist' but as a person - this may sound a little trite, but in the sensitive and sometimes upsetting scenario of being assessed, we found our Managers responded well ...

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Case Studies

When assessing individuals, much of the data derived from application forms, interviews, psychometrics, and assessment centre exercises addresses two key questions – what the candidate can do, and what he/she will do. But they offer little direct evidence of whether the candidate will fit with the culture of the organisation... Read More