Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

Enabling success with psychological insights

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Enabling success with psychological insights

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Enabling success with psychological insights

Achieving the best

Incorporated in 1988, OTL quickly grew to nine offices and sixty staff delivering assessment and development. Our history has been marked by a set of innovations. We developed, in partnership with a test publisher, an integrated assessment which cross referenced data on what an individual was interested in and their potential. It was designed to enable those with little previous experience of delivering assessment to emulate the decision-making of experienced psychologists. This became a standard in the UK and enabled large numbers of high-quality assessments to be delivered to individuals at an extremely competitive price.


Our approach to the British Psychological Society training has been innovative. We were the first to break with the ten or eleven day course format. We created an interactive and diagnostic e-learning platform which provided feedback and guidance as participants worked their way through the work books. This reduced the time away from work to five days.

We also created an online testing platform, well before others had even contemplated this. This has become Tests-Direct, www.tests-direct.com now co-owned by OTL and the Mercer-Richardson Group. Tests-Direct continues to provide innovative on-line assessment solutions. Go and have a look.

Throughout our existence we have provided innovative bespoke assessments for public and private sector clients. These have ranged from interactive exercises for negotiation, performance management and customer service, through to analytical exercises for decision-making, strategic thinking and judgement.

In 2010 we took the strategic decision to retrench to one office and focus on what we do best: delivering high quality training and assessments for selection and development.

You can trust us. We are Chartered Psychologists. We have been trusted to assist in assessments ranging from the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of a formula one racing team, through to the Neighbourhood Assistants for Housing Associations. We have assessed two of the last three Chief Fire Officers for London. We provided the only psychologist to work with a government improvement team in the extremely sensitive aftermath of Baby Peter. We have just delivered the psychological assessments for a national air force, for the third time.

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What People Say

One final point worth noting is Peter's style. Peter does not come across as a 'Psychologist' but as a person - this may sound a little trite, but in the sensitive and sometimes upsetting scenario of being assessed, we found our Managers responded well ...

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Case Studies

When assessing individuals, much of the data derived from application forms, interviews, psychometrics, and assessment centre exercises addresses two key questions – what the candidate can do, and what he/she will do. But they offer little direct evidence of whether the candidate will fit with the culture of the organisation... Read More